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i care a lot

Not at ALL as bad as they say 

By IMDB-hainehill 


I was completely shocked to see all the reviews saying "I hated this movie so much, I made an account to write this review!" Well, this is my first ever review too because I felt the need to refute them. "I Care A lot" is a delightful little masterpiece with so many twists and turns, you'll be intrigued every step of the way. Did the negative reviewers ever stop to think maybe the protagonists were not meant to be likable? That's literally the entire point, no one is really likable but you want to see how this intricate story plays out nonetheless. It's a fun film with an all star cast, Rosamund Pike's performance is extraordinary and Peter Dinklage and Dianne Wiest are also great. It's certainly worth the watch, but NOT if you're going to take it as seriously as these negative reviews are. Just sit back and take the movie for what it is. I was honestly relieved to see a plot that did not blend in with the rest. The negative reviewers need to remember that not every movie will check off their superfluous boxes of what a film should be. Stay safe!



VIDEO - I CARE A LOT - 2020 - 8/10 - https://www.imdb.com/title/tt9893250/


Everyone told me my dreams were lies. 

By IMDB-lastliberal-853-253708 


Angel Deverell (Romola Garai) imagines herself to be a writer. Night after night she writes of her imaginative world. At school, she is ridiculed for her fantasies, and her mother (Jacqueline Tong) has no idea of her talent. A London publisher Theo (Sam Neill), publishes her first book despite her arrogance and his reservations. The novel is a bestseller. She writes another and another and another, and so on. At the height of her fame, she meets the painter Esmé (Michael Fassbender), and is immediately stuck, even if he is even more arrogant that she is. And, sad to say, more untalented. This is the key to this film. It is a satire of those stories of the period. There are only two serious people in the film. The rest are caricatures of popular characters and settings. British writer Elizabeth Taylor's novel, based upon Marie Corelli, a long-forgotten English novelist of the 19th Century, was translated to the screen by François Ozon (Swimming Pool, 8 Women), who also directed. He certainly captured the ego Corelli was reputed to have. The life she lived or the life she dreamed? That is the question of this film. There is no doubt that for a few brief moments, Angel was never in touch with reality. It makes for great satire.



VIDEO - ANGEL - 2007 - 7 /10 - https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0783767/

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life, season 1

A watchable but fairly bland offering, with some moments of Life. 

By: IMDB-simonsaysmaybe 


Let's face it, we're all stuck in far more than usual at the moment and you probably could do worse than watching this mini series to soak up some of that downtime. Once again, the fairly unexceptional staff at the BBC have unleashed yet another mini series about the emotional trials and tribulations of a group of uptight and generally depressed middle class, English people. This tired but safe formula is rolled out rather awkwardly, thanks to the plot having to link the lives of the inhabitants of four separate flats in one big, gravel-drived, predictably Farrow and Ball painted Victoria Villa. It does this with varying degrees of success. The quality of acting is high - there are some big names here - and for me at least, there were some fairly touching moments. Then again, I'm the sort of person who cries watching the Waltons. There are some twists and turns in the story but most you either find yourself laughing at incredulously or you have already guessed (but maybe that's the fun of it). I did like the ease in including a level of diversity in the cast though - something which is sadly omitted in many of these type of dramas. Call me a shallow sexist, but I was kept interested by the fact I did rather fancy Victoria Hamilton (and her new hair cut) . Her performance was certainly up there with the best of the cast too. If you like things like Cold Feet, etc. then open a bottle of red wine you bought in Waitrose, or whatever it is middle class people do, and give this a try. It will probably beat going down the pub in a group of six or less and having to download Serco's track and trace app.



VIDEO - LIFE, Season 1 - 2020 - 8/10 - https://www.imdb.com/title/tt10122020/

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Faust sucumbe a los vicios parisinos 

05 / 04 / 2021 - Jaume ESTAPÀ - Ópera Actual 

 Allá por los años 1970 Jorge Lavelli trasladó Faust de la Alemania casi pueblerina, omnipresente en los escenarios, al París burgués del Second Empire. Y causó gran sensación. Le Monde se quejó con vehemencia de que Mefisto no solo no llevara una pluma en el sombrero («… La plume de mon chapeau…» dice el libreto), sino que ni tan solo llevara sombrero. Hoy Tobias Kratzer traslada Faust al París actual, la ciudad algo gastada de los bordes del Sena, de Nôtre-Dame y de las grandes avenidas. Una colección de vídeos intercalados oportunamente durante las transiciones orquestales de esta nueva producción, da razón de estos lugares. Pone a Faust en camiseta, Mefisto va acompañado de unos cuantos diablos de segunda, ambos supermanes sobrevuelan la capital, Marguerite vomita en visible estado de buena esperanza (no se culpe a Faust, sino a Mefisto) y después encuentra a Dios y al diablo en el Metro (¡muy bien visto!)… Suma y sigue: Marthe es una vecina, Valentin un chuleta de barrio, Siebel un joven bien educado que nada tiene que ver con quienes le rodean… Y hoy nadie protesta ante tanta creatividad, porque, en definitiva, el trabajo de Kratzer recrea un ambiente a la vez fantasmático y verosímil y, en conjunto, es un homenaje sincero a la capital francesa. El regista sitúa la acción en el París del noreste, lo que ha permitido aplaudir el trabajo de su escenógrafo, Rainer Sellmeier. En este West-Side parisino el sabio doctor (que de hecho vive muy al oeste de la capital, con libros en la pared, en lugar de probetas sobre la mesa), frustrado por falta de sexo y orgías, encontrará a la joven inocente y pura que seducirá y abandonará. Tobias Kratzer se ha extrañado de que el Faust de Jules Barbier esté únicamente interesado en el sexo (el de Goethe se interesaba por muchas otras cosas), pero ha profundizado en la idea, mostrando ya desde el prólogo al viejo Faust en su apartamento, despidiéndose de una prostituta tras una noche de probable frustración. La orquesta de la ONP, dirigida por Lortenzo Viotti, supo brindar a cada escena su emoción, produciendo los ritmos y colores musicales requeridos Benjamin Bernheim (Faust), cantó sin relieve las arias conocidas, pero aseguró con voz bien timbrada los diálogos y transiciones. Ermonela Jaho fue una Marguerite moderna y verosímil, más a gusto en las partes líricas de la partitura, pero no alcanzó la potencia necesaria para cubrir las voces de Faust y de Mefisto en la escena final. Christian van Horn aseguró el rol del diablo mayormente gracias a su estatura, pero estuvo bien presente en toda ocasión. Florian Sempey decepcionó en su interpretación de Valentin, en gran parte porque su caracterización de bad boy no iba con el papel. Michèle Losier aseguró la imposible persona de Siebel con arte y buena voluntad y Sylvie Brunet–Lumbroso lució sus grandes cualidades en el arte escénico y vocal. El coro de la ONP, dirigido por José Luis Basso, buen conocedor de la partitura, cumplió.



VIDEO - FAUST - 2021 - 8 /10 - Opera Bastille - Lorenzo Viotti, Tobias Kratzer - Benjamin Bernheim. Ermonela Jaho, Christian van Horn, Florian Sempey, Michele Losier

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piotr beczala, easter concert

VIDEO - PIOTR BECZALA, EASTER CONCERT - 2021 - 8/10 - Polish National Opera, Warsaw - Teatr Wielki Orchestra - Lukasc Borowicz

la traviata


TV - LA TRAVIATA - 2021 - 7/10 - Opera di Roma - Daniele Gatti, Mario Martone - Lisette Operpesa, Saimir Pirgu, Roberto Frontali