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alex rider, season 1

A compelling remix of the first two books of the series 

By IMDB-jay-95578 


I slapped a bit of this on half interestedly. I was a big fan of the books when I was younger but hadn't thought about them in a while. Before I knew it I was my fourteen year old self again. This isn't Shakespeare, but Anthony Horowitz knows how to write a popular, fast paced, easy reading story, and the makers of this series have captured that energy very effectively. This adaptation melds Stormbreaker's first few "origin story" chapters with book number 2's mission, completely skipping most of the first book's story. That's fine by me as Storm-breaker was never my favourite. I imagine the thinking here was just that a film based on stormbreaker already exists. Also, with 12 books to cover and our Alex Rider (charismatically played by Otto Farrant) already looking closer to 20 than 14, they don't have time to waste. Other aspects were amped up and some parts of the story were completely different, but what's important is that it felt like Alex Rider much more than the 2006 movie ever did.



VIDEO - ALEX RIDER, Season 1 - 2020 - 7/10 - https://www.imdb.com/title/tt6964748/

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the alienist, season 2

Rather a sequel then a second season 

By IMDB-nathancludts 


The second season features a totally separate story from the one featured in season one. But, essentially, the second season is more of the same (a killer on the loose preying on innocent infants, female-empowerment message,...). This is not necessarilly a bad thing because the mix of all those things made the first season such a rewarding experience. Also, it is a very beautiful show to look at with detailed costumes and beautiful set design. Definitely recommended!



VIDEO - THE ALIENIST, Season 2 - 2020 - 8/10 - https://www.imdb.com/title/tt4604612/

peccato che sia una canaglia

Bingo Bango Bongo 

By IMDB-brogmiller 


This film of Alessandro Blasetti is not only extremely entertaining but fascinating in terms of the history of Italian cinema. It was released in the same year as de Sica's masterful 'Gold of Naples' in which Sophia Loren scored a hit under his Svengali-like guidance. Their professional relationship was to prove fruitful to say the least and here they are playing father and daughter. This also happens to be the first time that Loren appeared opposite Marcello Mastroianni who was then in what he later called his 'taxi driver phase', thus beginning a magical screen partnership. Alongside her sexual charisma La Loren shows a keen sense of comedy and improved artistry so one can only assume that de Sica is still a 'guiding hand' here. De Sica's own performance is one of perfect comedy timing and consummate artistry. As is customary in Italian films there is more than one screenwriter and this Roman Tale of Moravia has been adapted by two of the best in the business, Suso Checchi D'Amico and Ennio Flaiano. Blasetti keeps the pace brisk and there is a catchy score by maestro Alessandro Cicogna. There is also good use made of Sigman and Hilliard's 'Bingo Bango Bongo' which once heard, becomes what is commonly referred to as a musical 'earworm'. As a film this is lightweight to be sure but to watch the three leads bouncing off each other is hugely enjoyable especially in light of what is to come.


VIDEO - PECCATO CHE SIA UNA CANAGLIA - 1955 - 8/10 - https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0048475/

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deadwind, season 1

[8.2] Cold thrilling Finland 

By IMDB-cjonesas 


 Deadwind as a thrilling series has an interesting storyline and plots, enjoys well developed plots and scenes throughout, with depiction of beautiful yet cold sceneries in line with the atmosphere of the show, but unfortunately, somehow lacks the so needed intense feel relating to the thrilling dramas that unfold episode by episode. 

The one complex feel that draws a rather thin line between an intensely well-made Crime Drama show and one that only bears the description on the surface. It is somewhat interesting that despite that, the acting is more than good, the chemistry between the protagonists and various cast (including the shiny little sisters) bear the right tones and most importantly, you connect with them with interest and eagerness. 

 Pihla Viitala and Lauri Tilkanen are very likable and add their own personal vibes to the magic of their characters. In season 2, in my humble opinion, put more dominant & nervous music and darker & more shady tones to the screenplay plots, while exploring a little more the possible romance between the leading detectives. 

 Awaiting season 2 with a bang.

VIDEO - DEADWIND, Season 1 - 2019 - 8/10 - https://www.imdb.com/title/tt6616260/

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VIDEO - PROMISED - 2019 - 5/10 - https://www.imdb.com/title/tt8286090/