diumenge, 31 de gener del 2021

lupin, season 1


Think of it as a French version of leverage or hustle with roots, and a twist 

By: IMDB-jazfro 


I like it. It's witty, well acted and directed. This version of Lupin is a clever re-imagining (with some flaws), trying to fast-forward the original character 100-years. And yes, XXIst century Lupin is the son of African immigrants. And why not? Omar Sy is a great lead character and the production values are good. Perfectly enjoyable light entertainment. I repeat: this is meant to be watched for fun, it's not faithful to the details of the original books, it's not meant to be realistic. Good tv is escapism. It reminds me in a good way of successful series like Hustle, or Leverage. with intricate cons and twists. To the critics: you are right, this is not a series of Lupin faithful to the original books and historical context, in a way that David Suchet's Poirot was. But it is in the same line of re-imagining classics (though not quite as spectacular, but neither on the same budget) as Dominic Cumberbatch's Sherlock. It's an enjoyable ride. Don't begrudge the artistic licence. Have some fun. For god's sake it's 2021!


VIDEO - LUPIN, Season 1 - 2021 - 8/10 - https://www.imdb.com/title/tt2531336/

dissabte, 30 de gener del 2021

the stranger, season 1

Unfortunately lots of cliches 

By: IMDB-laisvigas 


The Stranger comes with a promise of a very intriguing/twisted story since the plot is based on revealing secrets. It starts dense with so many things happening with different characters that really gets your attention, in a certain point you start to think that all the parts are going to connect, but some went missing and you don't even understand why, it just looks like an strategy to get you to the end of the show. The purpose of the stranger girl could be strong if it was better worked, but it turned out to be weak and kinda pathetic in the end. It sounded more like a soap opera. The cast was good, but I should highlight Shaun Dooley, which I think did a great job. Some secondary topics were very interesting like the use of technology and how far people go to fake or earn things... The show is going to get you curious till it's finished with some "unbelievable" things/secrets/revelations... but not necessarily with the best end.



VIDEO - THE STRANGER, Season 1 - 2020 - 7/10 - https://www.imdb.com/title/tt9698480/

dimecres, 27 de gener del 2021

it's a sin, season 1

Raw, Cathartic & Poignant. 

By: IMDB-W011y4m5 


After binge-watching the entire series from start to finish, I can confidently conclude that this is one of the best (if not, THE best) show/s Russell T. Davies has ever created in his entire career; "It's A Sin" is both a powerfully joyous & appreciative celebration of the lives of the boys we lost to AIDS during the 80s / 90s (being thankful for the happy times people had with them, however fleeting) whilst also being a mournful, sombre remembrance - acknowledging the horrific implications of their premature losses, respecting their memories by immortalising them in stories (so they may be resurrected to live on through others) - that will outlast us all & possibly educate (or even inspire) future generations - whilst simultaneously contemplating the undiscovered potential of the crisis' victims & what they may have eventually become - if they'd had the opportunity (they so rightfully deserved) to live the lives they'd always intended to live... If each & every single one of them hadn't been so unjustly failed by the systems of power which were meant protect / ensure their safety. Hence, the series is unafraid to examine the brazen mistreatment of those within the LGBT community with a palpable sense of anger at the perpetrated injustices - that are rightfully depicted in a manner of utter condemnation - balancing that ominous portrayal of inhumanity against the hopefulness of other citizen's remarkable humanity - striking a complex & yet extremely effective tone, capturing the naive innocence, the wilful ignorance, the disinformation, the shame, the flawed coping mechanisms / inability to cope, the paranoia, the prejudice & the stigmas, the hopelessness & the endurance of the human spirit - in spite of overwhelming adversity... All culminating to form an overwhelmingly deep, morally ambiguous exploration in to the human condition, its flawed nature & how life / death situations bring out the best... But equally, the very worst too. What I love most about Russell's new drama is it additionally reminds us these were genuine people; behind every death across the country was a story that deserves to be told - of an individual who existed with unique hopes, aspirations, families, friends, relationships, personalities & passions etc. There are many alive today (men & women) who grieved & are still scarred by the wounds inflicted by this forgotten pandemic... Hopefully "It's A Sin" can act as a memorial to heal - especially considering the timing; now more than ever - during another viral pandemic when some people have seemingly grown tired & become desensitised to an exponential growth in mortality rates - trivialising daily numbers of deceased as nothing more than random facts & figures - this bold drama has arrived at the perfect moment to directly challenge those sorts of harmful misconceptions; it places us in the centre of the hospital wards to reaffirm "never again: these are living, breathing civilians & their strife is worthy of our attention - do not look away; they are your loved ones". Cast member Tracy-Ann Oberman described this mini-series as "Russell's Schindler's List" in an interview & she's right. Moreover, I'd compare it to HBO's Chernobyl & wish it the same levels of critical acclaim & success. After all, both analyse the human cost of deliberate negligence. To conclude, I'd describe this project as bold, beautiful, engaging, agonisingly painful, intimate, heartfelt, humbling, grounded in authenticity, surprisingly personal, honest & incredibly uncomfortable... But worth every single minute of your investment; I cannot recommend it enough.



VIDEO - IT'S A SIN. Season 1 - 2021 - 10/10 - https://www.imdb.com/title/tt9140342/

dimarts, 26 de gener del 2021

grâce à dieu

The deadly sins of the French Catholic Church 

By: IMDB-georgioskarpouzas 


I have followed the events described in this movie through the French press and internet. I knew therefore about the facts and they did not appear as a revelation to me. What surprised me was the quality of the movie. It was very good. It was not an attack towards the institution of the Catholic Church per se. Nevertheless it is critical towards the Church and not as balanced and neutral as it wants to appear. I think that many people will evaluate the film based on their gut feeling for the Catholic Church. The faithful will be offended disbelieving the veracity of the offenses described and attributing them to a hostility against the institution while those in the other end of the spectrum will be happy to see how corrupt the Church really is confirming thus their pre-conceived notions.



VIDEO - GRÂCE À DIEU - 2019 - 8 /10 - https://www.imdb.com/title/tt8095860/

été 85

Sexy & Nostalgic Gloom & Doom Boys Love 

By: IMDB-AppleEye2U 


Such a pity this movie is released during corona. Été 85 deserves worldwide recognition and rewards like Call Me By Your Name. It is said director Francois Ozon was inspired by this movie to make his own version, set in 1985, when he turned 18 in France. This movie is typically Ozon, he's a master in story telling, stirs up our emotions, appeals to our hormones. The cast is wonderful. The male lead (Alex) is a brooding 16 year old student, who goes down the rabbit hole in his passion for his flamboyant lover (David) an 18 year old unstable character who lost his father a year ago. Almost from the start we know their love is doomed, but the story unfolds like a sweet gay summer romance. We watch the boys sailing, dancing, driving to the sea, watching the sunset, exchanging sloppy kisses, making out at every opportunity. All scenes are filmed in 16 mm tinted in light colors to remind us of the eighties. The boys fling lasts only 6 weeks, but makes a life long impression on Alex with life lessons about seduction, passion, jealousy and death. Later on he asks himself questions about real love, and the ideal of love, two different things, like we all know, but difficult to discern when you're intensely in love for the very first time. All in all I loved this sexy, nostalgic Gloom & Doom boys love that seems fitting for the eighties. Go watch it.


VIDEO - ÉTÉ 85 - 2020 - 8/10 - https://www.imdb.com/title/tt10457128/