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the pembroke murders, season 1

A Great Intense Series 

By: IMDB-alindsay-al 


It seems lately that ITV have done a good job in adapting true stories to mini series, with Quiz and Des last year both being great. To start 2021 it is the turn of The Pembrokeshire Murders and here is my review of the three episodes. The premise of the show sees a detective reopen two murder cases from the 1980's and tries to use more modern methods to get a conviction. Main Character Luke Evans plays the lead character here and he is really good. He plays the main detective and you see his passion and desire to get this case over the line. He does a great job of selling how important this case is and how it truly matters if they succeed. He is likeable here too and you really care about him and want to see him get what he wants in terms of getting justice for families. Supporting Characters Keith Allen plays John Cooper the main suspect and he does a great job. He just fits this role really well and it just seems very natural to him, as the show goes on he really changes as a character and you see just how capable he is and how he is a truly terrible person. There is quite a large cast here and I thought they all did great jobs, whether it was the police officers, Cooper's family or others this show is very well acted. Story The story is good, it is interesting to see these detectives going after John Cooper, it is different to most cop shows as it shows most of the behind the scenes things and not chases and gun fights which was something really different. The show builds well and the majority of the story arcs work and make you care and invested in the plot. But my one criticism of the plot is the very ending, it ends very abruptly and unsatisfying leaving me wanting a bit more to really find out what happened to the characters I grew to care about. Script The script is very good, it doesn't overcomplicate things when it very easily could and lays the drama on and does it effectively. It also has a few moments of decent humour and this show builds up an interesting group of characters to care about and get invested in. Style The style of the show is good, it kept me interested for the 3 episodes and there were some pretty intense scenes especially in the interrogation scenes that were really effective in what they did. But the show is pretty slow paced, it isn't a huge issue but it is there and maybe it could have moved a little bit quicker at times for my liking. Overall Overall, this is a great show that delivers it's story well. If you like your true story dramas then give this one a watch as it is worth the time.



VIDEO - THE PEMBROKESHIRE MURDERS, Season 1 - 2020 - 8/10 - https://www.imdb.com/title/tt11649104/

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