dilluns, 19 d’abril de 2021

i care a lot

Not at ALL as bad as they say 

By IMDB-hainehill 


I was completely shocked to see all the reviews saying "I hated this movie so much, I made an account to write this review!" Well, this is my first ever review too because I felt the need to refute them. "I Care A lot" is a delightful little masterpiece with so many twists and turns, you'll be intrigued every step of the way. Did the negative reviewers ever stop to think maybe the protagonists were not meant to be likable? That's literally the entire point, no one is really likable but you want to see how this intricate story plays out nonetheless. It's a fun film with an all star cast, Rosamund Pike's performance is extraordinary and Peter Dinklage and Dianne Wiest are also great. It's certainly worth the watch, but NOT if you're going to take it as seriously as these negative reviews are. Just sit back and take the movie for what it is. I was honestly relieved to see a plot that did not blend in with the rest. The negative reviewers need to remember that not every movie will check off their superfluous boxes of what a film should be. Stay safe!



VIDEO - I CARE A LOT - 2020 - 8/10 - https://www.imdb.com/title/tt9893250/

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