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wild mountain thyme

Beautifully Odd 

By IMDB-evy121954 

13 December 2020 

This movie is an oddly hilariously funny and beautifully odd romcom. It takes comedy, romance and the peculiarities of the specific geographical, cultural and societal ethnocentricities of County Mayo in Northern Ireland and magically transforms them into this beautiful, anxiously mad, romantic story and it works! The performances by Jamie Dornan as the odd and unfortunately misunderstood gentle loving "broken soul", Emily Blunt as the wonderfully obsessed, and just as odd, lovelorn female, Christopher Walken as the harshly critical but loving father and Jon Hamm as the practical American that doesn't get the Irish. What a fantastic ride this movie has been!!! Much like Moonstruck, it takes loving someone to a frantically different level and when the characters are finally coupled it produces a "sigh" on the soul of utter satisfaction and wonder. I totally and wholeheartedly recommend it. My hopes for you are that you will definitely laugh out loud so hard that your belly aches, cry softly and lovingly when expected and at the end you experience a full feeling of satisfaction as I did. This movie was Álainn!(beautiful) And I would be remiss not to say Is tir álainn í Éire! (Ireland is beautiful) So here's to you, Slánche!(Health/Cheers)



VIDEO - WILD MOUNTAIN THYME - 2020 - 9/10 - https://www.imdb.com/title/tt6842770/