divendres, 6 d’agost de 2021


Story need to be told 

By: IMDB.yllelea 


This is a lovestory you need to see! The forbitten story of two souls so deeply in love just makes you stop and hope, that nobody can never catch them in act. The storyline just makes you stop a heartbeat and fall into their challenges and dreams. Actors were really well chosen and ofcourse good to watch due do absolutely stunning appearances. The audenticity of Soviet Era was well played with all the machinery, buildings, outfits and hairstyles. Costume makers have brilliantly served the styles of this strict and conservative era. And ofcourse bonus points for such a important message to share with the world! Loved it! 

Greetings from Russia 

By: IMDB-serguzuev 


Very soulful movie. I highly recommend it in moments of despair, when it' seems there is no meaning in life. But this meaning is in Love. Only Love gives wings and saves us, even in severe difficult conditions. Even in the conditions of a small lost military unit in the late Soviet Union. Roman and Sergei Love feeling is spontaneous, but it's true, sincere. When tears are running because of the possible death of a loved one, brave pilot. And when the soul rejoices from the consciousness that he is alive, and that you can just walk beside him or even observe him from afar. And it's enough for happiness. So this is a deep sensual movie, filled with the breath of life itself. Impeccable acting of an international team of actors. Great close-ups. Thanks to the great Tom Prior for this brilliant release.

VIDEO - FIREBIRD - 2021 10/10 - https://www.imdb.com/title/tt4061620/