dilluns, 17 de maig de 2021

a moment in the reeds

Raw, passionate and vulnerable. 

By: IMDB-troy-boulton 


A Moment in the Reeds is a well written, well directed and well acted story, full of sparking tensions, alluring contrasts and painful realities. The story of an intense connection, forged in an uncomfortable, imperfect setting, is deeply affecting and compelling. As the characters navigate their blossoming relationship, they are forced to confront deep-rooted issues in their lives, the differences and similarities of their personal situations, and a reality that the bubble of bliss they occupy is as transient as it is passionate. This is no PG feature - the sex scenes sizzle; the leads have chemistry that could set asbestos on fire. This is a film not afraid to dive in and own its convictions. Well worth a watch. (post review-reading rant) Too many IMDBers are projecting their politics, hangups and ideals onto this film. Watch the furking film, people, instead of reinterpreting it through an Instagram filter. Sometimes I think too many people live in their sanitised PC white-bread InstaGrindr bubble and don't actually realise that different people engage with life and the world around them in different ways, and derive meaning and pleasure quite validly whilst operating within this "different" frame. The queer community is becoming a pasteurised, limp-dicked anaemic clone of its superior antecedent. If you want an idealised fantasy tailored to your over-sanitised sensibilities, go hire a celibate, gender ambivalent, emotional support quasi-romantic de-triggered missionary-sex-bot (/post review reading rant). Have a nice day.



VIDEO - A MOMENT IN THE REEDS - 2017 - 7/10 - https://www.imdb.com/title/tt6256872/