dissabte, 8 de maig de 2021

traces, season 1

Time passes, life goes on and the past dies... or does it? 

By: IMDB-StewPink 


Traces takes on the difficult challenge of solving two separate mysteries within the same series. As a fictitious case study unearths the demons of her past, we follow a young forensic lab assistant, Emma, on her quest for truth while we simultaneously examine the forensic investigation into the cause of a deadly fire. Returning to her hometown and reliving the trauma of her past, Emma reconnects with the memories and people from her childhood as she begins to piece together a new and disturbing picture of an unsolved historic murder. With 7 episodes to fill, a crime drama can often drag its heels or fly through the big reveal. Masterfully, Traces seems to unravel its mystery with forensic precision designed to keep you guessing for just long enough before it drops an unexpected bombshell that practically forces you to watch the next episode. Set in Dundee it makes for a delightful change to see somewhere other than Glasgow as the backdrop to a Scottish TV series. The dialogue is, at times, a little basic but the writers and actors still succeeded in developing their characters to tell a thoroughly engaging and emotive story with believable, relatable flaws and justifiable motives. Molly Windsor's Emma goes through just about every emotion you've known with a raw vulnerability that suits her character to a tee and she holds her own in the midst of an experienced, familiar and fantastic cast. In particular, Martin Compston's performance as Daniel has the depth to make you forget you're watching a work of fiction. If you're looking to get your teeth into a murder mystery that's complex enough to puzzle you, dramatic enough to excite you and engaging enough to move you then you've found it.



VIDEO - TRACES, Season 1 - 2019 - 8/10 - https://www.imdb.com/title/tt9788012/