diumenge, 30 de maig de 2021

no night is too late

where to find it? 



No night's too long is a fantastic thriller/romance in all dimensions. I was captivated by the entire film, not once bored or hurrying the ending. I first saw it on channel 4 (UK) about 16 months ago and I am desperate to know if it has/or is to come out on VHS or DVD? I have looked on numerous websites and asked at video shops but nobody seems to know anything of it, I really want to get hold of it especially as my partner doesn't believe me when I say it's great and I would love him to see it too. I would, obviously, reccomend this film to anybody who has not yet had the pleasure of watching it, it is a memorable film that wont be gotten out of your head anytime soon. Please leave a message on here if you know anything about purchasing it...


VIDEO - NO NIGHT IS TOO LATE - 2002 - 9/10 - https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0313410/