dijous, 3 de juny de 2021

mare of easttown

Phenomenal show! The best so far this year. 

By: IMDB-samyoon 


Best series I have seen in awhile! Quality quality quality from top to bottom. Kate Winslet and the rest of the cast were perfect. Directing was exceptional. The stories and all the themes presented was executed masterfully. The score was probably the weakest aspect of the whole show but still solid. The pilot was gripping and sucked me in with its realism. Character development and how they were being fleshed out kept me invested. Can't believe how much was packed into just 7 episodes. So many twists and turns throughout and the finale was mind blowing. I think of other great mystery shows like True Detective season 1 that is absolutely gripping and realistic as well, but the finale ends up being a tad lackluster. But this show actually has an amazing finale with a closure that is most satisfying. I literally stood up and clapped after the ending. This show was much more then a whodunnit mystery but a character study with themes of forgiveness, grief, and letting go. There is a brokenness with many characters throughout the series that may seem depressing, but that is what makes the show feel so authentic and human. Real life isn't Hollywood. We are complex beings shaped by our choices and circumstances presented to us, carving our way through life the best that we can. Mistakes will be inevitable, but we have the power of choice to learn and grow from them or drown ourselves away in denial. This show really isn't all depressing but also shows a lot of love, empathy, and resilience of a broken spirit. Best show I have seen this year and is also one of the best mystery detective shows of all time. This is a must watch. An absolute masterpiece.



VIDEO - MARE OF EASTTOWN - 2021 - 10 /10 - https://www.imdb.com/title/tt10155688/