dijous, 17 de juny de 2021


Diplomacy at its best 

By IMDB-hilary89 


As someone with a Masters in International Relations, I just loved this film. It really humanized the difficult process of international diplomacy. Although it doesn't get into the nuts and bolts of diplomatic deal making, I think it's quite instructive of the power of getting opposing sides to the table for talks. Of course, we now know the Oslo Accords ultimately failed, but the process for which they came about remains truly inspirational. Also, Ruth Wilson was wonderful and delivered a quietly powerful performance. Tempted to give this film 10/10 to balance out the politically motivated ratings. But it's really an 8 for me. P.s. Teachers in university IR courses or high school social studies classes, this would be a great film to watch and discuss during units on international diplomacy.



VIDEO - OSLO - 2021 - 8/10 - https://www.imdb.com/title/tt11790674/