divendres, 18 de juny de 2021

zack snyder's justice league


By IMDB-kranthireddyg 


After a big war with WB and over half a dozen law suits this movie lived up to the hype and even more. This has everything that a Snyder movie is made of. Dark...Gritty.... Classic Snyder flick. He laid a strong foundation for DC universe where now everyone wants Snyderverse. It'll be restored sooner or later. Darkseid wasn't fully opened up and it's just the beginning. With top cast no one disappoints no one. Affleck is slick Cavill is as always flamboyant in Superman costume it's like he was born in it. Gadot,Jason,Ezra are at their best. Steppenwolf vs Amazonians battle was better than 2 wonder woman movies put together. There's no bigger tribute to them than this. Don't be afraid of 242 minutes running time it doesn't even sweat. What to tell about Snyder it's like he's born out of darkness. Son of an abyss. How depth and meaning he puts with elegant design on screen which every frame speaks for itself. Some frames are absolutely amazing they'll send us into a Snyder sweet traumatized movie experience. The depth of characters and writing all thanks to duration of the movie. This is what happens when Snyder is left undisturbed and given artistic freedom he can achieve brilliance and perfection that is quite unmatched. Lives up to the hope and more. Watch it and lose yourself in this absolutely directional brilliance of a Brainiac.



VIDEO - ZACK SNYDER'S JUSTICE LEAGUE - 2021/10 - 9/10 - https://www.imdb.com/title/tt12361974/