dissabte, 13 de febrer de 2021


A story through the visuals 

By: IMDB-shailendra-singh435 


Nomadland is the story of a woman who has lost her husband and job after the great recession and now lives as a nomad, working different jobs at multiple locations. This movie reflects and touches upon poverty in America especially people who are unable to secure their retirement or wanted to live closer to nature. For the initial part, the movie feels like a documentary with actual nomads telling their stories. That's the uniqueness of the film that it blends stories such that we are unable to identify the difference. This is a very well directed and crafted movie, Chloe Zhao has done some great work and might become the second woman to earn the best director Oscar. Nomadland is in a way transcendental like Into the wild and informs us through sufficient consciousness about the lives of nomads in America. However, the film mostly revolves around the character Fern, a woman who has lost a lot recently and thus decided to live as a nomad. We see this world through Frances McDormand's performance, one of the most subtle and intriguing performance. Fern is such an amazing complex woman, someone who can be restless to a degree that feels self-sabotaging but on the other hand incredibly warm and open with many people. Fern doesn't think that she needs to be redeemed or to be saved, and Chloe Zhao doesn't push the film in an attempt to make us feel pity for her or sorry for her either, while also somehow never underestimating the loneliness and sadness of her situation. This film through its Cinematography, visual narration, score, and performance creates consciousness in our minds about being present in the situation or being part of those stories. And that is why this is one of the best movies of the year.


VIDEO - NOMADLAND - 2020 - 8/10 - https://www.imdb.com/title/tt9770150/