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promising young woman


By: IMDB-mjfhhh 


Once upon a time Cassandra was a promising young woman who was a brilliant medical university student. But it was all gone overnight. Now Cassie wanders the city streets at night, letting herself be taken home by strange men - all a part of an elaborate revenge plan... as people from her past re-surface and a chance of romance comes her way, will Cassie be able to leave her grudge behind and start anew? It is hard to write a synopsis for PROMISING YOUNG WOMAN as almost everything may be considered a spoiler. It's that kind of story! The film has generated a lot of anger as it shows men in the worst possible light. However Director Emerald Fennell must be applauded for showing that abusers have no gender (two of the four film's main villains are female). Even our heroine Cassandra is a sort of an anti-hero, although our sympathies are always on her side. This story is made complex by its script, that gives us only bits of information about what happened to Cassie in the past and what her intentions are. An important part of the film is its soundtrack- clever upbeat covers of famous hits have an interesting double meaning, enhancing the scenes. If not for the snappy dialogue, quirky characters and a sharp, not-a-scene-wasted script, this would be just one in a row of many rape-revenge thrillers that come cheap by the dozen. Instead PROMISING YOUNG WOMAN is wickedly funny, sometimes shocking, often sad, but always an irresistible thriller that pretends to be a comedy about the war of genders. Constantly reinventing itself, building on its irony and comedy sketches, the movie delivers its sucker punch when you least expect it.



VIDEO - PROMISING YOUNG WOMAN - 2020 - 9/10 - https://www.imdb.com/title/tt9620292/