dijous, 5 de novembre del 2020

antidisturbios, season 1

Awesome series with realistic set pieces, intense drama and splendid performances from a great Spanish cast 

By IMDB-ma-cortes 


A nice series dealing with six riot policemen who carry out an allegedly ordinary assignment : an eviction, but then things go wrong . As the squadron realizing their police work is charged with involuntary homicide. As it results in an ill-fated eviction with fateful consequences. Along the way a team of investigation of Internal Affairs takes charge of interrogating them and discover the reality of the events . The series packs the thrilling developing an eviction, it is magnificently shot with tension , movement , thriller and being extremely realist . There are various interesting roles being well portrayed , including an engaging and provoking character studio. As the motley members of the squad attempt to follow their own way out which ends up causing confrontation and rifts among them . The group of protagonists are frankly excelent , giving portentous interpretations, such as Raúl Arevalo , Alex García, Patrick Criado, Roberto Alamo , Raul Prieto, Keuchkerian , while Vicky Luengo plays perfectly the obstinate Police Inspector of the Internal Affairs who becomes really obsessed with the twisted case discovering below the unfortunate eviction there is anything else . The series was competently created and directed by Rodrigo Sorogoyen. Rodrigo has directed successful TV series as Pecera de Eva , Fragiles , Vida Loca , Impares . He has made notorious films as 8 citas, Stockholm , Que Dios nos perdone or My God save us , El Reino or The Candidate , and usually working with his fetish actor : Antonio de la Torre . Furthermore , he made a short that was Oscar nominated titled : Madre , subsequently Rodrigo became into a long running film. Rating : 7.5/10 . Better than average . Well worth watching .



VIDEO - ANTIDISTURBIOS, Season 1 - 2020 - 8/10 - https://www.imdb.com/title/tt10883660/