dilluns, 30 de novembre del 2020

gentlemen prefer blondes

Marilyn Shines, Russell Sparkles and the film is a Winner! 

By IMDB_Translucid2k4 


"Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" is a much loved and incredibly popular film from a Golden age of Hollywood which saw such screen icons as Marilyn Monroe become household names across America, and indeed, the world. This film represents Monroe's big breakout role and is movie that made her a worldwide icon of the big screen and secured her place in Hollywood's Most Exclusive of Halls of Fame. Even looking at the film now, so many years after it's release, it's easy to see why. Everything about this film sparkles - and that's not just because it's in colour. Script, Acting and the Musical aspects are all outstanding contributors to the movie's success. Obviously some of the dialogue is dated by now, but that's hardly the film's fault when you consider how much the world has changed since it's release. No, the film still sparkles, that's for sure. And there's one big, platinum-blonde reason why this is - Marilyn Monroe. Her comic timing in this movie is simply outstanding, while it's true she does have some of the film's best lines it's also the case that she truly makes the most of them - her character is a joy from start to end. Praise too must be awarder to her co-star Jane Russell, who has equally commandeering comic skills and who hit a career high in this movie. Baisically, this film is a classic from it's era and is highly recommended. I'm currently studying Media and also Cinema and so this was a very worthwhile film to watch to learn more about it's era and I really enjoyed it. Memorable moments include, of course, the iconic performance of "Diamonds are a girl's Best Friend" courtesy of Monroe (It inspired Madonna's music video "Material Girl" - which is basically a carbon copy of the entire scene in this movie), the classic line "I Just Love Finding New Places to Wear Diamonds!" and so much more. I've also become really interested in the life and work of Marilyn Monroe as a result of seeing the movie. A must see if you're interested in Classic Hollywood or Marilyn Monroe



VIDEO - GENTLEMEN PREFER BLONDES - 1953 - 9/10 - https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0045810/