dimecres, 25 de novembre del 2020

love & anarchy, season 1

Fun and quirky, surprisingly real at the end 

By IMDB-shane1181 


This had me from the first moment to the ending credits. I binged the whole first season in four hours and loved it! For those on the fence, it reminded me a little of the Netflix dramedy Love written by Judd Apatow. The main actress in that in particular show had similar mannerisms to this female lead ... The Mindy Project would be another show this is slightly similar to, though Mindy was single of course, and a doctor. I just mean the type of comedy. I didn't think the show took itself too seriously. I thought the casting was great. Could totally see these two flirting with one another at the office ... and beyond. Someone commented they thought the female lead didn't seem like a Mom, but she's only 34/35 so I just figured she settled down early and had the older girl right out of college. Then went back to B school (like her husband said to a friend later in the series). That tracks. Her husband looked way older like in his late 40s so I thought it was interesting that there's a decade between them, and also a decade the other way between her and the IT guy (who we know likes older women because you see him come onto and bone two different 30ish girls in the very beginning of the series). I was surprised how real it got in the last couple episodes. I'd happily watch a second season of this! I think they left it at a point where the story could continue for sure. For the Americans reading this: this has lots of sex and full frontal nudity. Didn't bother me one bit, in fact I found it refreshing. Isn't it depressing that here in the States we have no issues with grotesque and glorified violence (Hannibal?), but shriek at the site of a pube. It's bizarre and probably has something to do with all the school mass shootings we have ... the Swedes have a way healthier attitude toward sex.


VIDEO - LOVE & ANARCHY, Season 1 - 2020 - 8/10 - https://www.imdb.com/title/tt10888876/