diumenge, 22 de novembre del 2020

the split, season 1

Nicola Walker bad casting 

By IMDB-hegadorn-gruer 


 found Walker to be too fidgety, not professional enough to fit the part and not charismatic enough to garner all the male attention she was getting. She wasn't sparky, dynamic or witty - very dry, dull, frumpy with weird facial expressions and speech patterns. The clothes in the series seemed cheap for the most part. Lots of flowers and polyesters. Monochromatic suits and tailored clothes would seem more fitting for high-end lawyers. The storyline seemed repetitive and lagged. Would've liked them to see the female lawyers actually engage in legal business, be more powerful, more logical and less emotional. Walker cried about 6 times per episode. But on the positive side, it was awesome seeing a story about women, written and directed and produced by women!



VIDEO - THE SPLIT, Season 1 - 2018 - 7/10 - https://www.imdb.com/title/tt7631146/