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the crown, season 4

Make it 8 seasons! 

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This show is simple outstanding! The writing, directing, cinematography, music and, of course, the acting, are all a masterclass in their field. Not only as a piece of art, but also as a document of a dynasty and a former empire changing drastically, it is a true gem. Seasons 01 to 03 cover the time periods from 1947 to 1977. Thats an average of a decade per season, which makes for the detailed slow-paced storytelling, character developments and insights we all admire this show for. Season 04 picks up the pace a bit, moving from 1979 all the way to 1990. Still, this would make for at least three, with the progressing years until the final season would air, 4 more seasons - but as it seems, the show is sadly only planned to have two (S5 & 6) to wrap it up, spanning much fasted paced more than 30 years from 1991 to the early 20s. The 90s alone offer so much for the royal families storytelling. Thats a season for one. And then 20+ years for a final season, including William, Charles marriage with his real love Camilla, Harrys emancipation from the family, which in the terms of "The Crown" is huge, as finally someone breaks the wheel - and including hopefully Brexit, as a final blow to the UK under Elisabeths reign. And forgive me for saying this: as a piece of art, the show should wrap with the passing of Elisabeth, after all those decades of her incomparable tenure. This tragic event will hopefully be some more years down the road, but even more so important to be part of the full narration.


VIDEO - THE CROWN - 2020 - 10/10 - https://www.imdb.com/title/tt4786824/

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