dimarts, 17 de novembre del 2020

DES, Season 1

Highly recommended. 

By IMDB-Wollyams 

17 September 2020 

It's really commendable for the creators of "Des" to chronicle the story of Dennis Nilsen's conviction without ever venturing in to territory which could've so easily become sensationalist or disrespectful to any of his victims - had other people been entrusted to helm the major undertaking for the broadcaster instead. The show somehow manages to strike the perfect balance between depicting the irredeemable monstrosity of the title character - played expertly by indomitable talent, David Tennant - whilst simultaneously refraining from ever glorifying his role or his crimes, alternatively opting to explore his unconscionable vulgarities through the depiction of their lasting consequences; the resulting trauma, pain & grief endured by those who either survived or lost loved ones. It's this admirable creative decision - conscientiously grounding the narrative in the perspectives of humanity (rather than indulging in the inhumanity) - which elevates the material & solidifies the season as one of the best ITV has released in recent memory - as disturbing & uncomfortable as it remains to watch.


VIDEO - DES, Season 1 - 2020 - 8/10 - https://www.imdb.com/title/tt11656892/